Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Loving Memory of Jacqueline Saville

Jacqueline Saville was a talented poet and a friend to everyone.

She lived in Newburyport and lived with her devoted boyfriend Bobby Coogan.

She passed away this month and was survived by her doting parents John and Holly Saville and her caring sisters Katie and Diana and her best friend Darren Mackie.

Jacqueline was known for her infectious smile and her quick wit and her charm.
She wrote beautiful poetry and was a very talented writer.
She enjoyed anime, drawing, and loved animals.

Today in the garden of hope,
we lost one of the prized blossoms,
the beauty still intact,
...the petals scattered across the floor,
the beautiful flower's stem wilts and her seeds spread to the wind,
but somewhere somehow her new life begins

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